Manifold – Air Cycle Machine – Helicopter

JungJin Aerospace (South Korea)

Customized Product Name: Manifold – Air Cycle Machine

Assembled Product: Helicopter

Industry: Aerospace

Quality Details: Inspection Point (750pt), Tools (150EA), Positional Tolerance (0.00039″-0.1968″), Concentricity (0.00098″)

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Aerospace Quality High Precision Manifolds

JungJin Aerospace is a machining specialist of high quality, critical components in aerospace or high-tech industry located in South Korea. With a sharp focus on Price and Quality competitiveness in global market, we help our customers achieve their goals beyond their satisfaction. We have capabilities of over 110,000 machining hours/year. Average tolerance of our machined parts is 0.0001”. As an example, the manifold in the picture is a part assembled in the hydraulic pump of Jet Plane from major aerospace company with 1800 Inspection points and use of 160EA tools.

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